Granville Gulliman & Co Granville Gulliman & Co

It’s never been more important to create content that audiences want to engage with.

From Traditional TV to all forms of online film today’s audience has the option to skip what they don’t want to see.

Producing well crafted content is the priority.

Granville Gulliman & Co Ltd

Granville Gulliman and Co was my Grandfather’s film manufacturing company established circa 1930 trading until 1968.

The logo is an original box of Granville Gulliman & Co film.

In 2017 I re-established the company.

Today Granville Gulliman & Co offers all the Agency Production responsibilities allowing any client,  any production company and any agency to have the support of a robust Production Department.

I founded the company to give my years of experience, my list of contacts and my expectation of delivering best creative results with the best production practice applied to any company that needs an ‘Agency’ Producer for any content or commercial needs.

I have a reputation for producing those ideas that make other Producers ponder and question if the script is possible. I want Granville Gulliman to operate in the same way and build this reputation.

Small budget ideas are as exciting as proper budget productions.

I want Granville Gulliman to build long standing working relationships and give continuity to clients rather than the constant re-education that comes with the re-employment of different Freelance Agency Producers.

And whilst building this new company I will continue to curate the New Directors Showcase and Produce the event at the Festival of Creativity, which is an established highlight of the Cannes Lions week.

Granville Gulliman can offer any production support and utilise the established Director network I have built over the years.

Granville Gulliman can be an alternative solution to the ‘inhouse‘ offering of the Network agencies.

Andy Gulliman

I believe the Producer’s role has always been to realise the creative vision brilliantly whilst maintaining great value for money for the client. For me, the opportunity to get involved and provide direction at an early stage in the creative process does help achieve best results. Exploiting all broadcast and digital formats and exploding the creative idea at the concept stage will always deliver cost-effective creative results.

Producing the ‘nothing is impossible’ productions has always been the more attractive option.

I champion end-to-end creativity with involvement at all stages in the planning and development of campaigns.

I began working for Saatchi & Saatchi London as Head of TV in October 2003 then Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide in March 2014 and moved up to the role of Worldwide Director Film and Content and was the first Producer to be asked to join the Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Creative Board.

Before Saatchi & Saatchi I had a short stint at RSA Films but a longer stint at BBH and prior to that AMV.

I have Producer credit on a host of awards including a Black Pencil at the D&AD Awards and Golds at Cannes, Golds and ‘Commercial of the Year’ at the BTAA plus the Grand Prix from the Art Directors Club of Europe and the Sundance Film Festival.